Oliver Elliott

Photographer Cinematographer & Director


Born in Leeds, Oliver Elliott has worked as a professional ballet dancer and an international racing cyclist. His career began as a fine art, black and white printer, a grounding which has heightened his sense of tone, composition and attention to detail. Since then, Oliver’s work has been used in numerous advertising and fashion campaigns, including commissions for MTV, Sony Ericsson, Phillips, Ferrari, Conde Nast and The Sunday Times.

Oliver has been awarded by the Association of Photographers and has exhibited in establishments such as The Guggenheim NY, the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery. His interests expand to cinema and earlier this year the short film Indigo for which he was the Director of Photographer (DOP), won a ‘Special Mention’ at the Berlin Film Festival. Oliver Elliott’s unique style is often described as quirky and Scandinavian. His personal projects range from out-sized pieces which evoke a strong narrative to intense and exquisite portraiture which are achingly sensitive and sincere.